Wiski The Cone

Scratch Beautifully with The Cone by WISKI

While looking around Kickstarter recently where I was really interested in The Cat Rescuers project, I happened to see a campaign for this interesting ...

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Charley and Billie sisal cat scratching post

Original Sisal Cat Scratching Posts by Charley and Billie

Those pawsome people at Charley and Billie have just extended their awesome range of cat scratching posts. We've previously spoken about Charley and Billie as ...

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PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge Review

Products that have multiple uses are fantastic as they give value for money as well as lots of interest. When I saw the Petfusion Ultimate ...

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Charley and Billie Contemporary cat scratching post made from ethically sourced stone, sustainable oak and recycled cardboard

Contemporary Cat Scratching Post from Charley and Billie

Pawsome cat scratching posts have to be tall and stable enough that they do not tip over when used. This very contemporary cat scratching ...

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purrfect post new sophisticat color for scratching posts with leopard carpet

Purrfect Post – New Sophisticat Colors

We love the people at Purrfect Post. And we have in the past recommended their pretty fantastic Mondo Cat Scratching Post. And they also supply ...

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Charley and Billie contemporary cat scratching post. Handmade from ethically sourced sandstone and sustainable oak and recycled cardboard.

Best Cat Scratching Posts

Having a cat and keeping your furniture scratch free might seem a daunting prospect. But getting a good scratching post will save your furniture. ...

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Best Cat Scratching Posts - the Ultimate cat scratching post

Why your Cat Needs the Smartcat Ultimate Scratching Post

The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post by Pioneer Pet is currently the number one best seller scratching post on Amazon. And it is easy to ...

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Is the Mondo Cat Scratching Post the King of Cat Scratchers?

If you have tried out standard cat scratching posts and found that your cat pulled them over then have a look at the Mondo ...

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