Licki Brush. Lick your cat for a different bonding experience

Want to Lick your own Cat with a Licki Brush?

Cats have this ability to make their owners do almost everything and anything for them. What is it with these cute bundles of fur ...

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true touch deshedding glove

Does the True Touch Deshedding Glove offer Great Grooming

Some cats absolutely love to be groomed and with long haired cats it is a great idea to start grooming at a young age. ...

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Five Tips for Cat Teeth Cleaning

I discussed dental care for cats this weekend and why it was important for your cat. But what products are best for cat teeth cleaning? ...

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Cat Dental Care – Looking after Cats Teeth

How many of you brush your cat’s teeth? Or take your cat to have regular dental checkups? Cat dental care is a pretty important ...

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