purrfect post new sophisticat color for scratching posts with leopard carpet

Purrfect Post – New Sophisticat Colors

We love the people at Purrfect Post. And we have in the past recommended their pretty fantastic Mondo Cat Scratching Post. And they also supply ...

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Best Cat Tree Plans for Building DIY Cat Furniture

Cats love trees and cat condos. They give your cat a great place to play and to sleep. They also allow your cat to ...

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catify to satisfy. Design hacks to catify your home

Catify to Satisfy – Simple Cat Friendly DIY Projects

Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat Friendly Home is the sequel to the New York Times Best Seller Catification. Written by ...

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kong cat teaser snake toy. interactive cat wand

Kong Snake Teaser Cat Toy for Feline Funtimes

As I have a new kitten in order to help bond with my older cat I have special playtimes when both cats can play ...

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cat halloween costume in scary lion

Cat Halloween Costumes – The Cutest Pet Costumes

Halloween is just round the corner and this is a great excuse to dress up your pet in the cutest or scariest cat halloween ...

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crystal cat pins

Best and Prettiest Crystal Cat Pins

Whilst hunting for presents for cat mad family and friends I came up with the idea to buy some cat themed jewellery. However, I ...

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how to keep cats safe on halloween. Halloween is fun for us humans but our cats can find it stressful and dangerous

How to Keep Cats Safe on Halloween

During Halloween cats get a bit of a bad press. After all how many times do we see images of black cats in the ...

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hepper pod cat bed - a stylish and modern pet bed

Hepper Pod Cat Bed Review – Luxury Cat Cave

You can never have too many cat beds. Or at least that is the case in my apartment. And with more than one cat ...

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