Best Cat Cooling Pad – Not Just for Dogs

With the long hot summers, we all try and find the best ways of keeping our cats cool. Well, I am now trying out ...

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Defend Your Furniture with a Cat Scratching Guard

Defending your furniture from kitty's claws is no longer a difficult prospect. You can get a range of beautiful and stylish cat scratching posts ...

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pros and cons of a self-cleaning litter box

Pros and Cons of a Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Self-Cleaning litter boxes sound great. After all, who really likes cleaning up the litter box after their cat has used it. But while it ...

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Smitten Kitten Cat Toy Box

Fun Cat Toy Box – As Seen On TV

Brand new to the US for 2017 is this Cat Toy Box from Tribal Produce. This fun interactive puzzle box for cats was first ...

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feline print diaper bag from max wilder

Super Cute Feline Print Diaper Bag from Max Wilder

My best friend’s wife has just had their first baby, so I have been trying to find them something cute but useful as a ...

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