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Does the True Touch Deshedding Glove offer Great Grooming


Some cats absolutely love to be groomed and with long haired cats it is a great idea to start grooming at a young age. This supposedly gets them used to being brushed regularly. However, even though I started grooming my long haired ragdolls when they were kittens they have actually never really liked being brushed. This is why I was interested in looking at the True Touch Deshedding Glove.

Each time I try to brush my cats, they squirm and try to bite and chew the brush. I have tried different types of brushes and combs but the result is always the same. Dyson was even groomed when she was a kitten but, no, she still does not enjoy being brushed.

I have also started the regular brushing technique with Callie the kitten but she squirms and tries to disappear. So being unable to completely groom my cats means that they get tangled, matted fur. Dyson is especially susceptible to getting matted fur on her chest. These clumps of fur then need to be cut out. Having a long haired cat means that I really do need to keep on top of regular grooming.

What Else Have I Tried?

I used to have  a strange mitt which was a flat piece of plastic that fitted over my hand and contained nodules on the plastic. You would then run the nodules over the cat and this would pick up the loose hair. It actually worked rather great but the mitt was held on to my hand with a piece of elastic and it was also a very stiff piece of plastic so was not flexible enough to go under the chin or to groom the tail.

The cats did like this though and would lay on their sides as it acted as though you were just stroking them as usual.

Enter the True Touch Deshedding Glove

true touch deshedding glove has 180 silicone tips to capture the loose hairThe True Touch takes the grooming mitt above one step further. This is a flexible glove which fits over your hand and can be tightened by a hook and loop fastener. It then has about 180 silicone nodules (or tips) spaced over the palm and finger areas of the glove.

You then just start stroking your cat (or dog) as you usually do. The loose hair then catches on the nodules and can just be peeled off and thrown in the trash. So it is easy to keep clean.

Because it is a flexible glove you can also get into smaller areas on your cat’s body. So I am now able to groom Dyson’s chest or run my hand along her tail. It also means that we can groom the top of her head and around her ears. When she stretches out on her side it is also great to just run your hand over her as if you were just stroking her as usual.

So bonus!

My cat gets a great stroking and attention session AND she is being groomed at the same time. Furthermore, she does not try and bite the brush – as there isn’t one. But she also does not try and bite the glove.

true touch deshedding glove is for cats and dogs

I find this much better than the stiff mitt I used to use as I can now groom all the small areas that I could not get to before. The grooming glove also holds the hair quite well. It is quite surprising to see how much fur is trapped on the glove and it does peel off like one big mat.

Currently, the True Touch Deshedding Glove is a best seller on Amazon so is incredibly popular with dog and cat owners. Have a look and see if you find that grooming your pet is also much easier.

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  1. My cat has been shedding all over the place, and I’m not sure what to do. A glove like this would be absolutely perfect! It wouldn’t make him run away, since he tends to do that whenever I pull out the brush.

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