Midwest homes curious cat cube

Midwest Homes Curious Cat Cube Review

We all know how much our kitties love to hide away in cardboard boxes. But leaving cardboard boxes out in our house can get untidy ...

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Prosper Pet Cat Crinkle Tunnel. Varied tubes for interactive play for your cat

Cat Crinkle Tunnel – Three Times the Fun?

My cats have played with cat tunnels before but usually find them pretty boring. After all, usually they are a single crinkle tunnel and ...

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Kong wooden refillable cat toy - fill with catnip for longevity

The Kong Wooden Cat Toy – a Great Refillable Cat Toy?

Product Review: Kong Wooden Refillable Cat Toy Supplied by: Amazon My new kitten (Callie) loves toys which make a noise – the louder the ...

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Cat Toy Collection – Ultimate Cat Lover Gift

Product: Cat Toy Collection in Gift Box Price: $13.95 from Amazon (price at time of review) What cat lover (and cat) doesn’t like to ...

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The Original CatIt Senses Play Circuit Review

Product: CatIt Senses Play Circuit Availability: Available from Amazon If you are looking for a toy to keep your cats entertained by themselves then ...

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Is the Cats Meow Toy as Fun as It Looks?

Product – Cats Meow Toy Price and Supplier – Currently available from Amazon Dyson and I decided to try out the Cats Meow toy after ...

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