Hi everyone, I am Evie and I have lived with cats for over 20 years.

During this time I have bought a wide variety of items that I think my cats would enjoy – only to find that they ignore them completely. Every time I go past a pet store I can’t help but go in and come back out with yet another item for my cat. And it’s not just one item – I walk around and by the time I finish I have a large shopping trolley full.

So the reason I have created this site is to discuss some of the cool stuff I have found that my cat has enjoyed (and also items that I have enjoyed) as cat ownership can be expensive. I hope that you can get involved with this site – drop me a comment or a message if you have found something useful. And if you have found a toy, gadget, cat bed etc that you have enjoyed then please let me know as I am always on the lookout for new items.


So a little about my cat and I

I will often say my cats and that is because I recently lost one of my cats after 20 years together and at one time I did have four cats at once. Now I just have the one cat – you can see her in the picture above. Her name is Dyson and she is a ragdoll (my other cat was a generic tortoiseshell moggie who was a rescue). Now Dyson is a bit of a diva – she likes the finer things in life and she is rather fussy. Therefore, she is the perfect guinea pig for trying out new toys and other stuff.

First up as she is a ragdoll she is a house cat only and does not go outside (actually all my cats have been house cats). Cats that are house only and do not go outside are beginning to rise in number – mainly because traffic is on the increase and honestly cats are terrible with traffic and roads. Also a lot of people live in apartments so no real way for their cats to go outside easily. Cats that are indoor only are also seen to live longer on average.

So with an indoor cat I am always buying new stuff to make their life more interesting. I have toys, cat climbing posts, different types of bedding and other fun items dotted all over my apartment. I also research food items, litter and litter boxes as honestly I want a health, happy cat and I don’t want my apartment smelling of cat wee.

I will be updating this site regularly with all the new and older stuff that I try out. Some of the ideas you will love and if you do then please let me know. If also you have found something that you think myself and Dyson will love then also please let me know.

Anyhow thanks for reading and I hope that you will drop by again

Evie (and Dyson)