Super Cuddly Marshmallow Cat Bed

I have been expanding out my cat bed collection recently and love these really super cute and cuddly marshmallow cat beds available from Meowsers ...

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Pet Grow Cat Banana Bed

Let Your Cat Go Bananas With This Cute New Bed

We've been away for a few months after a couple of health issues with Dyson my oldest ragdoll. (A story to tell another time). ...

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Kitty city steel claw sleeper cat condo

Kitty City Steel Claw Sleeper Cat Bed Furniture

Our cats all love the comfortable life (or at least mine do). But, so many times I buy a cat bed and both my ...

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canac cats cradle cat radiator hammock

Canac Cats Cradle – Cat Radiator Hammock for Toasty Kitties

Kitties love to be warm and toasty. They have an unerring instinct to work their way towards the warmest parts of the house and ...

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Best Cat Cooling Pad – Not Just for Dogs

With the long hot summers, we all try and find the best ways of keeping our cats cool. Well, I am now trying out ...

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orbit cat bed

Innovative and Stylish Orbit Cat Bed

If you are looking for quality cat furniture that will last a lifetime and can be handed down through the family then take a ...

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eco friendly original catpod

Feline Funtimes with the Original Catpod and Kitty Pucks?

If you love the eco-friendliness of cardboard cat scratchers but find that your cat quickly tears through them then take a look at the Catpod. ...

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Original Kitty Cot – Worlds Best Cat Window Perch?

Now the world's best cat perch is a pretty impressive claim but it is one that the original Kitty Cot claims to make. If ...

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Midwest homes curious cat cube

Midwest Homes Curious Cat Cube Review

We all know how much our kitties love to hide away in cardboard boxes. But leaving cardboard boxes out in our house can get untidy ...

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Cat Crib a Hammock type cat bed for your pet

Clutter Free Rooms With The Cat Crib

Since moving to a smaller flat I have had to get a little more creative with space. My cats have a variety of trees ...

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