cat ladders on kickstarter

New Birch Cat Ladders out on Kickstarter

Hands up those people who have a very large cat tree and cannot move it. I am here raising my hand. I bought a ...

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Sauder natural cat sphere tower

Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower Looks Great

There are some beautiful looking pieces of cat furniture being created by Sauder currently. This Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower being just one of ...

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Refined Feline Calypso Cat Scratcher Review

The Refined Feline company makes some extremely beautiful looking cat products that are great for both your cat and your home. And this Calypso ...

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Katt3 Review – For Trendy Homes and Kitties

Keeping our cats entertained (as well as fed and watered) is all part of being a great cat parent. Having a cat tree or ...

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CatHaven Cat Condo

CatHaven Cat Condo – Bring a Bit of Nature To Your Kitty

As cat owners, we have to be careful when we have plants inside our house as there are many plants which are toxic to ...

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CatastrophiCreations Fabric Cat Maze

How Much Fun is the CatastrophiCreations Fabric Cat Maze?

I love unusual cat trees and toys. And I hope that my cats also love them. One issue with cat trees and cat climbers ...

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Best Cat Tree Plans for Building DIY Cat Furniture

Cats love trees and cat condos. They give your cat a great place to play and to sleep. They also allow your cat to ...

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Katris modular cat tree building blocks

Modular Cat Tree by Katris – Have Fun with Building Blocks

I will start by saying that I love modern cat furniture. The days of boring plain cat trees covered in carpet are past and ...

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Kitty Ball Bed – for Your Refined Feline Review

Product: Kitty Ball Bed by Refined Feline Height: 28 inches Best Price: $80 at time of review from WayFair (offers free delivery) I recently had ...

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Best Cat Trees – Awesome Cat Furniture

Every household needs a good cat tree. Not only do they keep your cat occupied and let them climb and explore, but they also ...

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