Welcome to Cool Stuff for Cats!

I started this website a couple of years ago after I realised that I was always buying new fun items for my cats. So I thought maybe there were more crazy cat lovers out there who really love cool stuff for their pets. I hunt around to find cool looking items from cat trees through to beds, cat scratchers through to the latest in cat toys and useful furniture items. But, I tried not to forget humans either and I try to find those items from clothing through to home decor that any crazy (or not so crazy) cat lady (or man) will love. Please take a look around and I hope you find some fun items.

You will regularly see my own cats featured here. Above us is Callie who is a blue color point ragdoll and currently chief tester. She has taken over the mantle from Dyson who you may also see trying out some of the products on the pages. Callie loves food, toys (especially noisy ones at 4 in the morning!) and climbing cat trees. Her resumee also includes requesting cuddles very often.

A lot of the products we have looked at or reviewed are now listed in our cat product guide. You can find some of our favorite items for your cat right here..

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