Katris modular cat tree building blocks

Modular Cat Tree by Katris – Have Fun with Building Blocks

I will start by saying that I love modern cat furniture. The days of boring plain cat trees covered in carpet are past and ...

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how to pick the best vet. Finding the best vet for your cats health and happiness

How to Pick the Best Vet for your Pet’s Health

Recently Dyson (my rather laid back Ragdoll cat) went down with a bout of cystitis. This prompted me to find another vet for her ...

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Kong wooden refillable cat toy - fill with catnip for longevity

The Kong Wooden Cat Toy – a Great Refillable Cat Toy?

Product Review: Kong Wooden Refillable Cat Toy Supplied by: Amazon My new kitten (Callie) loves toys which make a noise – the louder the ...

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Is World’s Best Cat Litter Really the Best?

I have been asked a number of times which cat litter do I prefer. And honestly the answer is very simple as I have ...

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Cool Back to School Backpacks the Skip Hop Zoo Pack

Cool Back to School Backpacks for Cat Lovers

With the new school year almost on us (and it might have started for some). Let’s look at some very cool back to school ...

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