December 14

Get Ready for a Pet Filled Xmas with a Cat Christmas Stocking


Every year I make sure that my cat has her own Christmas stocking. After all, I have bought stockings and gifts for friends and family and my cat deserves to join in the fun. The great thing about a cat Christmas stocking is that you usually get a good range of toys and treats. Pre-filled stockings save some time on buying a stocking and filling it with bits and bobs yourself. Though you could always do this as well – your cat might appreciate two stockings.

The following are some Xmas stockings especially for your feline friend and what they contain.

spot holiday cat christmas stockingSpot Holiday Cat Stocking

This is a very reasonably priced stocking which contains 8 toys for your cat. These include a furry looking Santa and red mouse as well as a stuffed pillow. The other toys include a range of hard balls with bells inside them and a glittery ball as well as a felt ball. The toys will cause a lot of fun for Xmas day and beyond. My cats really like the mouse toy and the felt and glitter toys as Dyson likes to pick up felt balls.

The toys are all presented in a see-through plastic stocking shape. The Spot stocking is currently available on Amazon for shipping in time for Xmas.

Zanies Holiday Cat Stocking

Zanies Holiday cat stockingThe Zanies holiday cat stocking is a very bright garish green plastic stocking which is stuffed with 12 different cat toys. What makes this one pretty fun is that there are no duplicates of any toy so you should find at least 1 that your cat loves. And who knows your feline might love all of them.

None of these toys contains catnip – so if you have a cat that dislikes nip then this is a good choice. The stocking is about 13 inches in size and the toys themselves range in size from 1 inch to 3.5 inches in size. As this has 12 different cat toys inside, you do get a bit of everything including the following types:

  • A hanging stocking bell toy which can be tied or hung from any surface (I usually place these on door handles).
  • Different mouse toys – one felt, the other with a rattle.
  • Red and green tinsel toys – especially Xmassy
  • Big stuffed heart toy
  • A variety of other balls from tennis balls to those with bells and rattles.

This is a good collection of different toys and the Zanies holiday stocking is available now from Amazon.

Holiday Time Christmas Cat ToyHoliday Time Christmas Cat Stocking

There is a huge range of different toys and fun stuff in this stocking. It has 20 items for your feline to enjoy. Plus it has a very Christmassy look with the red edging and red feathered top. Again this stocking comes in plastic so you can see what you are getting.

There is definitely going to be something in this stocking for your cat to enjoy. You get a large fuzzy mouse, a range of hard balls, stuffed pillows and Xmas themed balls. There are also a couple of catnip cubes. Catnip cubes were a hit in my household a few years ago as they were batted about everywhere.

You can’t really go wrong with a range of 20 toys and this will prove popular with multiple cat households as there is something for every cat. Though, I usually give each cat their own stocking and put their names on it – I honestly don’t think my cats really notice.

This holiday stocking is available from Amazon.

Fashion’s Talk Cat toys Variety Pack

fashions talk cat toys variety packIf you have a left over stockings then you can make up your own quick cat stocking with this pack of 20 different toys. Whilst this does not come with a stocking I have included it in this list as it is so easy to add your own packaging. It does though come in a very useful zippered bag.

The variety of different toys is great as you get quite a few from the picture above plus a hand wand toy which you can attach different toys onto. The range of toys includes a variety of mice which can be felted or sisal covered. There are also feathers and catnip pillows.

As well as this there are a variety of different balls made out of different materials. So you could get crinkle balls, caged balls with a mouse inside, sisal balls, mylar balls and different tinsel balls.

This great variety pack is currently an Amazon best seller and can be given to your feline friend year round.

Hopefully one of these stockings will be great for your cat.

Want to have a look at some more cat stocking items? You can build your own stocking from these choices:

*FTC Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on the links, Cool Stuff for Cats will get a small commission at no additional cost to you. We only recommend products that we love ourselves as our priority is the health and wellbeing of all cats (and their owners)


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