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Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Box


If you are unable to have an area to hide away the cat litter box then you have probably had to cope with the litter tray out in plain sight. It’s not a great visual treat when you get visitors, or even when you get home from work and the litter box is filled with poop. So if you don’t have anywhere to hide the litter box, how do you manage if you have to have the box in your living areas? Well, Good Pet Stuff have come up with a pretty ingenious idea for hiding a litter box in plain sight.

How Good Pet Stuff Hides Your Litter Box

Well, they have cleverly come up with the idea of creating a litter box in the shape of a planter. The planter actually resembles a real clay planter even though this is made from polypropylene. And it comes complete with its’ own fake┬áplant which looks like an areca palm. Your cat then just does its business in the planter part of the litter box.

Because it just resembles a plant pot and palm you can then place it anywhere in the house. Visitors will not know that it is a litter box unless your kitty goes in there whilst they are visiting.

What Do You Get

The Good Pet Stuff planter actually comes in five parts. You get a planter base which is about half the height of the total planter height. This you can fill with a litter of your choice. Once filled with litter, you just place the top half of the litter onto the base by lining up a couple of grooves at the side of the entrance. Litter is just placed directly into the planter and you do not need to buy a separate litter tray.

good pet stuff hidden cat litter box

The top part of the planter has a gridded plastic area which holds a carbon filter to keep away odors. Over the top of this, you then put the moss like material and finally, you place the fake palm into a hole in the top of the planter itself. It is all now ready to be used by your cat.

Size wise this is a nice large litter box for very big cats. There is plenty of room inside the planter if your cat likes space and likes to move around. The planter is about 19 inches in diameter and without the plant is 20 inches tall. When you add the plant then it takes the maximum height to about 42 inches. The entrance to the litter area is also quite large and it is quite simple for a 20-pound cat to fit through the opening. And as the opening is about 6 inches off the floor it is also good for keeping litter inside the planter especially if you have a cat that loves to dig.

Keeping It All Clean

good pet stuff hidden cat litter box planterTo keep odor at bay you should scoop out any urine and poo at least once a day. You can either scoop through the opening or take the entire planter top off. It can be tricky at first to replace the top part into the bottom grooves but it does take a bit of practice.

As there are no corners it does seem as though litter doesn’t get stuck into parts of the litter box area. And further cleaning is quite easy as you can just empty all the litter and just wash down with a hose out the garden or even a shower head. The polypropylene does not seem to cling onto the smell of urine like some other litter boxes.


  • Really does hide your litter box
  • The covered litter area keeps odors at bay
  • Looks pretty in any decor
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Can use any litter
  • No extra expense as you do not need an extra litter box inside the planter


  • The supplied plant does look quite plastic
  • It can be tricky at first to line up the halves of the planter

In Conclusion

The Good Pet Stuff hidden litter box is actually a pretty ingenious idea and really does the job well. If you turn the planter around so that the opening is facing the wall (keeping enough space for your cat to get in there) then people really will not realise it is a litter box.

I did find though that the supplied plant is a bit sparse and looks a bit plastic. However, you can try these couple of tips to make the planter look even better:

a) Change the supplied plastic palm for a really expensive looking silk plant. Most silk plants that you buy at craft shops or houseware stores will fit into the top part of the planter with no issues.

b) Though the top of the planter is not deep enough for large rooted plants you can try very shallow rooted real plants. Maybe a cat grass or even a plant that likes to hang down a little.

Personally, I like the silk plant idea as it needs less maintenance and you can get some beautiful lush looking silk plants. I also found that my cats nibbled the silk plant a lot less than the supplied plastic areca palm.

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