July 8

Kitty Ball Bed – for Your Refined Feline Review


Product: Kitty Ball Bed by Refined Feline

Height: 28 inches

Best Price: $80 at time of review from WayFair (offers free delivery)

I recently had a brief from a friend. Find her, and her cat, a small cat tree which looks good and would make a good cat bed. Therefore, Dyson and I had some fun with trying out a couple of different small cat trees. The Kitty Ball Bed by the Refined Feline fit the brief so we tried it out.

The Refined Feline does make some nice looking kitty furniture. Most of their designs are very modern and contemporary. Whilst, they look good they also need to be comfortable and useful for your pet.

This cat tree has a space-saving design. The actual bed part is a ball shape on top of a short pole. The look of this actually reminded me of the ball shaped seats that were around in the 1960s and 1970s but with an updated look.


The Kitty Ball Bed is made from a poly rattan which according to the manufacturer is durable and withstands clawing. This material is non-toxic and completely safe for your cat. The rattan itself is woven together and then colored in Espresso (a very dark wood color).

The bed itself is off the floor – so good for cold winters, and is a dome shape. This dome is 17 inches in diameter so is pretty large and roomy and can accommodate a 20 pound cat. This means that it is great for larger cat breeds.

Inside the bed there is a removable cushion which is machine washable. The base of the cat tree is also very sturdy and will withstand your cat jumping inside.

  • Made from a durable non-toxic polyrattan
  • Dome is 17 inches in diameter
  • Machine washable cushion
  • Floor to dome height is 11 inches
  • Weighs 14 pounds

Setting Up the Kitty Ball Bed

The Kitty Ball arrived in one box. Inside there were just two pieces, the base together with the small pole and the dome. All tools needed for putting it together were included in the box. In this case the tools just consisted of one bolt and one allan key.Kitty Ball Bed

Putting it together by myself was not hard. I placed the base straight onto the floor and then balanced the dome on top. The bolt then goes through the dome and into the below pole. Getting the hole to match up between the dome and the stem was quite fiddly though.

Once I managed to match up the holes, it was just a question of screwing the bolt and then tightening with the supplied key. It basically took less than 5 minutes to set up.

I then just placed the cushion into the dome and awaited the sound of furry feet.

So What Did Dyson Think?

Well Dyson immediately came to investigate. The dome was not too high up for her to put her front paws on and then pull herself up. (she sometimes gets a bit lazy with jumping). I was slightly concerned when she first went into the dome as there was a slight wobble.

However, once she settled down there was no other movement. I did though see if it could be rocked and it was perfectly stable. Dyson is a rather large cat and she had plenty of space to turn around a few times (as cats seem to do) before settling down for a sleep.

If Dyson sleeps on something then it does have the seal of approval. Personally though I thought that the cushion was a bit thin so I also added a cat blanket for a bit more cosiness.

If you would like to see a video of the Kitty Ball Bed in action then watch this video from the manufacturer.



  • Durable material
  • Is a very nice looking piece of cat furniture
  • Simple to put together
  • Removable machine washable cushion
  • No carpet
  • Sturdy
  • Comes with all the required tools


  • Cushion could be thicker
  • The bolt fitting the dome to the stem could be a little longer

Overall I liked this cat tree, even though it was more like a cat bed. It was very smart looking and easy to assemble and keep clean which are the three things I look for. For Dyson it was comfortable and looked to be safe and sturdy.

I would have liked the bolt fitting the dome to the stem to be a little longer as I was initially worried that it was not a tight enough fit. I would have also liked the cushion to be a little thicker and more “plush”. Though, it was machine washable and could be removed which was great.

The dome of the Kitty Ball Bed was a very generous size – quite often cat beds can be a little cramped. This meant that it was perfect for a larger cat such as Dyson. It also felt pretty tough and hardwearing.

Due to my obsession with cool cat items I actually didn’t want to hand this one over to my friend. But this was her item and I think she has been very happy with it.

If you want to get the Kitty Ball Bed by Refined Feline then click here for a great price from Wayfair. It also has free delivery.

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  1. I wish i was a cat!! Why do they get amazing kitty ball basket beds!? No wander they think they are superior to us.. Is that the only colour? lotsof great stuff here!
    Great site!

  2. This is a wonderful website! My husband and I are planning to get a cat in the near future, but are not all that certain about proper products and the like. It looks like this is the place to ask those kinds of questions. Your site is also very visually pleasing. I will be visiting here often.

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by. Nice to hear that you are getting a cat (I am about to get another kitten – so will have some kitten products to write about too).

  3. This looks really comfortable, Dyson seems like the boss. My daughter loves animals, especially dogs and then cats. We have dog, but lately she has been trying to talk us into buying her cat.

    I’m glad you did not just post the positives, but also gave a more first hand review of the cons. When I get my daughter a cat (wearing us down :-D), this is something we will definitely look into.

    Thanks for the great article.

    1. oh Dyson is definitely the boss. Hope you enjoy getting a cat (I am about to get a new kitten) – will be adding more reviews and an extra cat to try things ou

  4. What a cool item! You described it well and I like how you broke down the pros and cons to sum it all up. I like that you added a video of your own pet, making the product even more relevant. I would buy this if my cats were indoor pets!

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